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Saal-Digital Wall-Decoration

(Only disadvantage, it’s hard to make a picture without reflection :D)

After having the chance of testing the Saal-Digital photobook earlier this year, I now had the chance to also test their wall-decor. Saal-Digital offers a broad range of different wall-decors, from canvas over Alu-Dibond to PVC foamboard you have a lot to choose from. I decided to order a 60×40 gallery print, which is supposed the most ‚exclusive‘ kind of wall decor. It consists of a picture printed directly on the acryl glass and backed up by alu-dibond.

I chose to print a picture for the birthday of my girlfriend. It shows a silhouette of us in front of the skyline of Chicago with a beautiful starsky (yes, there was some Photoshop involved ;))

The process of ordering was very easy, I really like the Saal-Digital software that you use to order. It is easy understandable und doesn’t need a lot of time to get to know the functions.

The package arrived within a couple of days. It was well packaged, so there iss no need to worry that some damage happens during the transport.

When I opened the package I was very suprised, I had high expectations ordering the ‚premium‘ project, but this picture surpassed them! The colours were bright and crisp, the black parts of the picture were really black, not a dark grey (what I had happening before) and the contrast was simply geogous. The picture was tack sharp and the acryl-glass made gave it a crystal-clear look.  The picture was heavier than expected but therefore felt very like the high-quality that it promises. I can really see the reason that the ‚Gallery-Print‘ is considered a premium product in the Saal-Digital Shop.

Concluding I am very happy with that product, it was the perfect birthday present for my girlfriend and I would definetily recommend to buy it.

More pictures below!






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