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A photo report over The Urban Farm in The Hague
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The Urban Farm – A photo report

The Urban Farm The Hague.


In the year of 2050, 75% of the world’s population will be living in cities or urbanized areas. Therefore 75% of the demand will be coming out of cities, but the large part of the areas which grow fruits and vegetables will still be in the rural areas all over the world. Nowadays, we find fruit and vegetables in supermarkets that have travelled thousands of kilometers from all continents of the earth. We take it for granted to have a huge selection in every season, but if you think consider the impact just to transport these foods means for the environment, it makes the reality look vastly different.

A solution for this problem is to bring the growing areas from the rural areas to the cities, which minimizes the delivery routes. One approach to this problem is seen by the ‘New Farm’ in The Hague; on the roof of an old office-building is the heart of the farm, the green house in which lettuce, tomatoes, eggplants and cucumbers are grown. The harvest is sold to restaurants in the vicinity as well as on their own farmers’ market. To offer visitors a variety of snacks and refreshments, atop this transformed rooftop also stands a quaint cafe that sells dishes made using their own products and an awesome view over the city to look out on.


This is a little summary of a text that I handed in to a photo competition about sustainability. I was lucky and made the first place with. (You can see the full text here. Only German)




It is a definite recommendation of mine to visit the farm. You can book tours on their website or just swing by on Fridays when their market is taking place and buy some fresh local grown produce.



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