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A photobook review for a saal digital photobook
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Photobook Review – Saal Digital

Print your pictures!

I said it before, and I will say it again, Print your pictures! 13×18 prints, Photobooks, Canvas, Poster, doesn’t matter, every picture is better if it is printed.

Finally I was able to make a portfolio book for my ‚TheBeautyTheHague‘ Project, partnering with the guys from saal-digital, I was able to get a discount for the book, but my review here is going to be honest and truthful.

Little backstory, I was thinking quite a while  to put together a portfolio-photobook for ‚TheBeautyTheHague‚, to show people my pictures on something bigger than my phonescreen. Of course I could have put some pictures on my tablet, but I like to think that a printed book just has more charisma.

Anyways, I stumbled upon the offer from Saal-Digital to get a discount in exchange for a review. I heard already a lot of good things about them, so I decided to go for it.

I chose a book in landscape orientation, matte finished paper, with a padded, wooden like structure cover, 28×19 cm

The software to create the book is super easy, basically just drag&drop your pictures into the previewed book and there you can change them in size etc.  The critic I have is, when you choose a structure-cover, like I did, you have no option to put f.ex. Your logo or any other object besides text on the cover. I contacted the customer service with this issue, and they told me, that this is possible in the browser-version of the software. Only problem with that is, that you can’t import your project (in my case, my already finished photobook) from the desktop software into the online-software. So I had to choose, either no logo on the front, or redo the whole design. I was lucky that there was a middle way, because I have an ‚only-text‘ logo, I was able to kind of recreate with the text option in the desktop software. Of course this is not ideal, but better then the other two options.

The book is here


Fast forward, 5 days later my book arrived (incl. Weekend), and it is awesome! The structure cover has very elegant and high-quality feeling, which is even increased by the padding. *If you have 5 € to spare, go for the padding, it makes the overall feeling soo much better!* And of course the pictures inside play on the same level, awesome colours, tack sharp, not the slightest bit to complain! I chose a matte finished photopaper, because I am sucker for matte, I love the look and the feeling and I was again not disappointed!

Overall I love this book and it reminded me again, that I have way too much pictures on my hard-drive which are not printed, and therefore never seen, this has to change!


If you have questions regarding the book or prints in general, don’t hesitate to contact me!


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