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Tips for successful photowalk
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8 Tips for a successful Photowalk



It is only a couple of days till the „Sunset Photowalk Scheveningen“ is taking place. People were asking about what they should bring, what a photowalk actually is etc. So here are my 8 Tips for a successful Photowalk. You have more tips or questions? Put them in the comments.


1 – Try something new 

Photowalks are always a good time to try out something new. That one technique you saw on the Internet, that one lens that you barely use, that picture style you wanted to try. Now is the time to give it a shot, get out of your comfortzone and try new things, it is going to be exciting, I promise 🙂

2 – Make friends, Ask questions and socialize

Photowalks are a great way to meet likeminded people, because you can be at least sure that everyone there likes photography. Socialize with the people, you see someone with a piece of equipment you are interested in? Go and ask him about it. When you are a beginner and you want to learn more about specific topics, here is the place to ask questions. Just keep in mind, it is not a private photocourse, everyone is there to take pictures and have a good time, so mind the amount of questions, when get the feeling you are bothering someone. It is all about communication 🙂

3 – Travel light

Two Full Frame Cameras, Tripods, 4 lenses? Nah, not this time, try to travel light, maybe even limit yourself to one lens, or maybe even just your smartphone (no offense to smartphone-shooters ;-)). Limit yourself in Equipment to increase your creativity and improvisation.

4 – Walk and Sit

We will walk in a slow pace thorugh the park. (I will post a map of the exact route). So you can take your time, maybe sit down for a couple minutes when you see an interesting scene, you will catch up with us easily. Don’t get yourself stressed 🙂

5 – Dress for the weather

Right now the weather forecast is partly cloudy with 21 degrees and 3% precipitation of rain…so perfect photo weather 🙂 Just be sure to dress for the weather…remember it gets colder later in the day, and we will be there till close to Sunset. But also have in mind, you will most likely end up on pictures of someone…what you do with the information…up to you 🙂

6 – Full batteries and empty SD cards

Needless to say or? Nothing is more frustrating, than looking forward to a nice photoshoot and then discover that either your battery is empty or your SD-Card full or missing. Been there, done that, really not a fun situation, so make sure to check your equipment before you leave 🙂

7 – Share your pictures in the Facebook group or on Instagram

I created a group on Facebok ‚TheBeautyTheHague – Photogroup‚. Feel free to join and post pictures in the group. If wanted I will give constructive criticism for the picture, and others might too. Furthermore all future events like photowalks, excursions and workshops and other cool The Hague Photography things will be announced there, so it really gives you added value if you join. Of course you can also post them on Instagram, using the Hashtag #tbthphotowalk. From all posted pictures I will make a little best of, for some Blog Posts following the Photowalk, of course with all the credit you deserve 😉

8 – Relax and have fun

This is the most important point on this list, this day is not about who has the best camera and the best equipment, it is all about fun, socializing and getting to know new people, while taking pictures.


I hope to see you all on Wednesday, 6:00 PM at the Main-House in the Clingendael Park

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