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The Hague photospots for sunset photography
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The Hague – Top 5 Sunset Photospots

The Hague – Top 5 Sunset Photospots

Golden Light…colours in the sky…Sunset is one of the favorite times for photographers to go out and take pictures, especially when you are into Landscape and City photography, the hourbefore and after sunset are the ones you want to use to snap your highlight pics. Unfortunately, the sunset time is limited, so it is important to find your photo spots beforehand, so you know where to go. In this Blogpost, I want to show my TOP 5 photo locations in The Hague. One perk of the photo spots I chose is, that most of them are close to each other, so that you can cover at least two in one photo tour.

Sunset Photo Spot The Hague No. 5 – Hofvijver – Binnenhof

The Binnenhof is probably one of most photographed locations in The Hague, which is understandable, given his beautiful architecture. Even more beautiful it gets during sunset. In the wintertime, the sun sets next to the Binnenhof, so that you can get both, the whole Binnenhof, as well as the sun on the picture. Even more interesting is the fact, that the Hofvijver is mostly really calm, so it functions as a mirror for both the Binnenhof and the sky.

Pro-Tip: Try to get your camera as low to the ground as possible, to get more from the reflection in the water.

Sunset Photo Spot The Hague No. 4 – Haagse Bos

The Haagse Bos is the biggest in the city center of The Hague and a big for recreational activities. But it is also perfect for awesome Sunset pics, especially the photo spot at the far end of the little lake in the park, as well as on the bridge across them. You will have many different elements in your picture, as well the reflection from the lake, and can put trees or other plants in the foreground of your pic.

Pro-Tip: With the right angle you can get all high-rises out of the picture, so it looks like a true nature pic

Landscape The Hague Den Haag

Sunset Photo Spot The Hague No. 3 – Peace Palace

Another well-known sight in the city, but again, there is a reason for this. The peace palace impresses with gorgeous architecture as well as a long and important history. The first one is important reason for getting on this list, as a photo spot. Right now in March and then again in September, the Sun sets right next to the peace palace, so you can get it between the pillar of the entrance and the building itself.

Pro-Tip: Try to incorporate something in the foreground of your pics, most of the times, the plants in front of the peace palace are a good subject for this.

Sunset Photo Spot The Hague No. 2 – Mauritskade

The Mauritskade is one of the many canals in the city. Good about this one is, it goes in East-West Direction, so it is a perfect photo-spot for Sunset-pictures. It is also really close to the peace palace, so you can get these two together. I really like this spot, for numerous reasons: the canal makes a big mirror, so you can use the reflection very well, you have three different bridges close to each other, to take pictures from, or incorporate into your picture and you have really beautiful houses on the side, who give your pictures a touch more elegance.

Pro-Tip: Look that the canal is calm, so the reflection works better (wait for boats to pass)

Pro-Tip 2: Stick around for a little bit, after Sunset, you can get very nice light trails from the street, in connection with the still colourful sky (Longexposure)

Sunset Photo Spot The Hague No. 1 – The Beach – Scheveningen

Of course, the beach, what other photo spot could be there, that is perfect to take pictures of. I think I could have even made a top 5 of beach photo spots for sunset pictures…(I may do that in the future). You all probably have experienced sunsets at the beach, they can be breathtaking, and you have so much to work with, the pier with the ferris wheel is of course the most prominent motive on the beach, but also the two light-houses at the Scheveningen harbor, the statues on the Riverwalk or now, all the beach club who reopened with their different architecture and furniture.

Pro-Tip: Keep coming back…no sunset is like the other, especially at the beach…you will always find new angles and picture opportunities.

Here is a map with all spots for you 

So…that was it, I hope you enjoyed the list and I hope I was able to show you at least some new spots for your next photo excursion.

If you have some nice sunset pictures, show me them here in the comments or tag on Instagram #thebeautythehague

Do you guys have more good places for Sunset pics in and around the hague? Let me know!



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