Photowalk "TheBeautyTheHague" - No.1 - Coellnerphotography
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Photowalk „TheBeautyTheHague“ – No.1

Photowalk „TheBeautyTheHague“ – No.1

Last Saturday I had the first „TheBeautyTheHague“ – Photowalk through the City Center of The Hague. The idea to organise

something like this, came rather spontaneous to me. While the online „meeting“ platforms like Instagram and Facebook are nice, real-life meet ups with new people are far better. The photowalk and the people I met on that day, definitely supported me in this opinion.

     © Baylee Mankiewicz

We were a nice little group around 10 people, from beginners to pro’s, from smartphone shooter till DSLR we had all levels of photography represented. This led to nice discussions and talks about all areas of photography and other areas as well.

© Coellnerphotography

We had perfect weather conditions and the route I chose led us through the city center, along some of the known and unknown photospots, like the Mondrian on the Stadhuis, the ministries and the mirrored skyline spot at Malieveld.

© Baylee Mankiewicz

The great final was sea of flowers on the Lange Voorhout, which was a new sight to nearly all participants of the walk. The Burger we all got together afterwards made it a perfect little photowalk.

© Marianne Kracht|

© Coellnerphotography / TheBeautyTheHague

I want to thank all participants once again and hope to see all of you and new faces on the next walk.

See below more pictures from the walk.

 © Coellnerphotography, Baylee Mankiewicz,

Best regards and good light


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